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Spring into April

The Easter bunny ate lots of dark chocolate (that was his favorite), a bit of milk chocolate, and another little bit of white chocolate. I ate #maple walnut fudge before Easter, as I knew where I hid it. And so, Easter was about as healthy as it could be, considering prior nutrition infringements.


And the cherry trees (almost all hundred of them) at David Lam Park in Vancouver, BC were in bloom. They were not all over-bursting blossomed, but on the way to getting there. And while we are a bit late seasonally, we can all blame it on the #carbontax and climate change.


As we are on the subject of tax, let us not forget that Canadian personal #tax is due to be filed (and remitted if required) by the end of the month. Please reach out for intense capital gains calculations, rental income, family, seniors, students, self-employed, personal tax preparation, and e-filing.


Please reach out for your professional bookkeeping, payroll, management consulting, capital gains, personal and corporate tax requirements to me for this is also what I do.


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