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There's more to June than Saturdays

While April 30th signifies the end of tax preparation and filing for personal tax returns in Canada, if you are self-employed and are required to file CRA's T2125 form, you have a few weeks of respite. You can gather your receipts in April and rush them to us in May in order that they are e-filed appropriately, way in advance of Canada Revenue Agency's June 15th deadline.

BTW, the gif is multi-tasking. For April 16th, 2023 is the Vancouver Sun Run, and I will amble along imbibing the cherry blossom pastels and trailing the runners. For this year's Sun Run walk that I will participate in, supports the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Please pledge your donation ... it will impel me onwards, maybe even a tad faster. I have done the Vancouver Sun Run walk for many years for the BC Childrens' Hospital Foundation, and I continue to support this awesome charity, along with others.

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