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Blog: Di('n)et by Trusha Desai

Tofu Thanksgiving

When times are tough, budgets break the bank, inflation meanders incrementally, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Turkey is more expensive than you ever knew and so, vegetarianism rides high. Tofu arrives on the scene. Extra-firm organic tofu, soy as its base, is healthy. May not have the tryptophan of turkey, but you save on the gravy, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, taters and pie. Invest in pumpkin spice. You will have fall all year round. You may never again seek cherry blossom.


Slit open your tofu package. Drain the liquid. Place the tofu between two pieces of sponge paper towels in a pan. Place a large pot of water on the tofu. Press on the pot of water. Do this a few times, replacing the paper towel pieces for fresh ones as they absorb tofu liquid. I have not yet found use for this liquid, though it does seem to be a waste of soy product. Preheat the oven to 4000 F. (2000 C.) Slice the tofu into small pieces. Fragments are useful, do not discard. Clean the pan that may have remnants of tofu water in it. Tofu pieces go in, with a touch of olive oil. After fifteen minutes in the oven, flip the tofu pieces over so that both sides are evenly browned.


Now, you have all the freedom in the world to do as you will with this crispy tofu. You can add the VH sauce of your choice and sauteed veggies if you will. You can add sauteed garlic, edamame, mushrooms, sesame, lemon and fish oil with salt and pepper as required. Herbs like cilantro add an appetizing appearance to your tofu Thanksgiving. All you need is some rice. And you can comfort yourself that you won’t be doing leftovers a-plenty for weeks.

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