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Trusha Desai (was) a great addition to our group bringing her excellent accounting knowledge and services with a very high level of integrity and great personal attitude.

~ Jim Clarke, Founder and Chair, First Key Consulting Inc.

Ms. Trusha Pandit was employed by Girl Guides of Canada, B.C. Council from June 1990 to July 1991 as Systems Coordinator at the Provincial Office. During that time, Ms. Pandit’s responsibilities included, but were not limited to:

  • LAN Management, Novell Netware v.2.15 (7 stations ELS)

  • All aspects of systems management

  • Staff training

  • Product research and purchase recommendations

  • Installation of specific software

Ms. Pandit had recently immigrated to this country, and the Systems Coordinator position was her first Canadian employment. She established personal high standards in terms of production, quality of completed work and accuracy.

~ Sheila Charneski, Executive Director, Girl Guides of Canada, B.C. Council

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I had the pleasure of working with Trusha Desai for 3 years in her capacity as a consultant at Finn AI. She is reliable, consistent and dependable. More importantly, as an individual she is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend Trusha and her services.

~ Natalie Cartwright, Former Co-Founder, Board Member & Chief Operating Officer at

As a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia Executive Committee I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ms. Trusha Pandit. Trusha’s professionalism and work ethic coupled with her pleasant and unassuming demeanour made her a pleasure to work with.

~ R.V. (Bob) Switzer, Former Vice President, Quality & Customer Service, Polygon Homes

Trusha Desai’s child was a hard working, model student and so it was a pleasure to have the mother come in to help. She was a supportive parent who was clearly involved with her child’s schooling in a positive way, who encouraged the taking on of project work. It was delightful to see her child’s eagerness to share the learning with mom.

~ Betty Gilgoff, Retired Vancouver School Board Teacher

Trusha Pandit has shown and clearly demonstrated a positive attitude toward working with trying situations. She has held her head high and has consistently done the "right" thing. We are grateful to her for this. To sum up: when the going gets tough for Trusha, she rises to the challenge and meets it head on with a smile and humour and hard work.

~ Doris Penner, Former President, Quiniscoe Homes, Past President Canadian Home Builders' Association of BC

Miss Trusha Desai served as Project Administrative Assistant from 01.11.79 to 31.01.82 and was actively associated with the purchase order placement etc. for the Tata Trombay (Unit 5) 500 MW Project and follow ups with the World Bank and keeping accounts of the foreign exchange releases and issues. In all these works she was found very efficient.

~ for Tata Electric Companies

(C R Ponniah), Project Manager 

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Trusha Desai helped us move from Simply Accounting to Quickbooks Online and we found her very knowledgeable. We will continue to draw on her expertise as we learn the new software. Would recommend Trusha to anyone looking at using Quickbooks.

~ Rob Burpee, Founder, R. Burpee Construction Ltd.


Trusha Desai was highly recommended by a colleague at the Vancouver Board of Trade. I had just launched my own consulting company and benefited greatly from her expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other self-employed professionals, or indeed any other small business.

~ Natasha Gibson, CEO at Kotiya Consulting


Trusha Desai was a pleasure to work with. She is a self-starter, knowledgeable, and was able to do the job with little supervision and with accuracy.

~ Helen Lam, CPA, CGA, Manager, Finance & Accounting, Porte


Trusha Desai is friendly, efficient and very helpful. I recommend her.~ Ken Gausman


Trusha has been fantastic to work with. She is so knowledgeable and has been very helpful with any questions or concerns I may have. I would recommend Trusha to anyone and everyone. ~ Darren Mackay


As a small business owner, it is important to find someone to handle your accounting and bookkeeping services at a professional level. Trusha Desai is a kind and professional lady who is easy to work with. I strongly endorse her services!

~ Rob Moseley, Luxury Transport Inc.


Trusha Desai is the most detailed bookkeeper I have ever worked with and she has a very high level of integrity and great personal attitude. She is very pleasant and responsive to me as a business owner.

~ Debbie Lee Evans, eXp Realty

Trusha could not have been more professional, friendly and helpful. ~ Diane Gingras

Trusha Desai has just completed my taxes for the 3rd year in a row. Very efficient, knowledgeable and always done quickly. Responds to emails and questions quickly. Vey dependable. ~ Lorraine Gingras


Always reliable, helpful to meet deadlines and a Xero expert. ~ Kingsley Chan, CPA, CA

I was a Venue Manager at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics responsible for University of British Columbia and Trusha Desai was GSS Supervisor. In this role I observed Trusha consistently maintaining high levels of professionalism, being very effective and establishing herself as a hardworking, conscientious and effective supervisor. She demonstrated leadership in challenging situations and maturity when under stress. Trusha exhibited initiative on many occasions and supported her team well. She was an excellent member of our team and a reliable and caring employee.

~ Dave Blair, Dave Blair & Associates

Trusha Desai, CSC Supervisor, Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Games Screening Supervisors have a demanding role in the Olympic Games and their training comprises a lot of information and detail and the best of the Supervisors pick up and retain that information quickly. Trusha Desai was one of the better students and was easily identified as Supervisor material. Her previous background contributed to that. If all students were as easy to teach as Trusha my job would be an easy one.

~ Stephen Peszel, Formerly Contemporary Security Canada

Trusha Pandit compiled table after table and drafted many of the complex figures that appear in the book. She (lived) next door and often volunteered help at all sorts of odd hours, when I was frantic about some tricky piece of analysis.

~ Jane Goodall, PhD, The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behavior

Published by the Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1986

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As the Venue Manager throughout the 2010 Olympic games, I had daily contact with Trusha Desai and had the opportunity to observe her work firsthand. She retained and disseminated information from briefings and maintained high standards of working practises. Trusha would be an asset to any organisation hiring her.

~ Garry Brimson, QJM, BSc 

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Trusha Desai, selfie on a sunny day at Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
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