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Trusha Desai, Founder and CEO of  Trusha Desai Innovation Management Inc. is a professional bookkeeper, management consultant and prepares personal and corporate tax.

We are the #1 Most Popular Accounting and Tax Service in Greater Vancouver. Trusha Desai aka Trusha Pandit has over twenty years of senior accounting experience in Vancouver, BC, Canada with various sectors not limited to services, retail, hospitality, tech, construction, non-profit, and charities. She has prepared and filed Canadian personal tax and corporate tax for an extended period. Trusha Desai incorporated Trusha Desai Innovation Management Inc. in 2014.

About us: Trusha Desai aka Trusha Pandit

Photograph copyright Nikeet Pandit,

Trusha Desai Innovation Management Inc.

Trusha Desai is proficient at an array of computer and accounting software. She has acquired international academic and market research experience of over a decade. She is a member of the QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor Program and is a Xero Certified Advisor. Trusha was honored to have worked in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as Security Supervisor.


Trusha Desai's impact is not limited to recycling, reusing, and reducing what she purchases and how and where she purchases. She carries reusable bags, so if she does make a purchase, she does not need to buy paper bags. We must remember that paper bag usage must be restricted when possible, for we chop trees and use pulp to manufacture paper. It is estimated that we cut down between four and eight billion trees for paper annually. Instead, we could leave those trees in the forests thereby reducing carbon emissions. Though she drives, she walks when she can and takes transit when possible.


Her business focuses on cloud software and reduces paper copies of documents where possible. If our garbage output has reduced in a year, we are heading in the right direction. If our blue box, yellow bag, green bin usage has increased, we are heading in the right direction. However, blue boxes and yellow bags may end up in landfills somewhere in the world if they contain non-recyclable materials. Yellow bags may contain the output of felled trees.


However, we cannot do this alone, all efforts at maximizing our impact in the community and globally are done in conjunction with those around us. For when businesses and individuals think of their carbon emissions, the world benefits. We cannot achieve our climate change goals in 2050 if we do not start now.



Trusha Desai has a BSc (First Class Honors) in Math, Statistics and Economics. She has a post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration. She enrolled in the CGA (Certified General Accountant) Program. Though currently inactive, she completed Level 4 (Pace). Her professional development continues in various fields such as wealth management.





Trusha Desai, also known as Trusha Pandit, is a divorced mother. A citizen in a bilingual country who immigrated over three decades ago from India, she is a multi-lingual woman entrepreneur of a visible minority and a minority religion. These variances have impelled her to success. Trusha Desai has endeavored to maximize her impact on the community where she lives, her country and when possible, elsewhere. Her volunteer efforts focus on children, health, education, human rights, and the environment. Her attempts to voice her concerns are transcribed through policy interventions. When we can influence others for the ultimate good, that is success.


Trusha dabbles, somewhat intensively, in painting and photography. She is a prolific haiku writer with thousands penned in pause or repose. Trusha is the author of all blogs on this website and posts on other social media platforms representing the small business or Trusha's personal opinions.

As a born and practicing Hindu, Trusha believes that meditation is the key to health. She does not limit her spiritual beliefs to Hinduism, for all pathways lead to Lord Almighty. She strongly advocates that all vaccines and medications should be taken as prescribed by health care professionals as required.

Trusha Desai aka Trusha Pandit:

Whatever else she does, motherhood has been, and will remain the most important part of Trusha's life

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