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Happy Halloween!

Don't get choc-a-block

mouthful of candy.


Trusha Desai, BSc, CPB

Founder & CEO

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If you are a solopreneur, do you consider yourself as labour? Are you cost of goods sold? If you are a professional, are you labour? Don’t your clients categorize your invoices as professional fees? Then, if they don’t consider you as labour, why are you labour? Do you pay yourself a wage of some denomination, however miniscule it may be? Do you consider that as an expense, but not COGS?

Well, let’s not get into the nitty-gritty of accounting. Let us look ahead at Labour Day and examine our bank balance to see if we can partake of sales and discounts as advertised on media and social media. Let us look back and remember long Labour Day weekends when we went away for the last summery warm-ish camping jaunt.

And when you are dogged by bookkeeping issues that require a professional solution, please reach out to a Consultant-Bookkeeper like me for a three-pronged approach to consulting, bookkeeping and tax.

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FIFA women’s 2023 is over. Spain logged the trophy. But it is baseball that goes on forever. I get a home run, like management consulting with a financial focus. Budgets, cash flow projections and management are the tools of the trade.

Perhaps focused bookkeeping (without a cookie-cutter approach) gets me a single. With one single after another, I do get to home base eventually. Therefore, it is inevitable that I hang onto that mitt. It doesn't matter that despite it all, I am a tennis and hockey fan and will root for my fave players and teams.

Sports analogies aside, through the year, I do GST, PST, payroll, reconciliation, and customized reports. Bookkeeping balances your books and gives you a snapshot of how you’re doing in times of crisis or inflation or rising interest rates. Do reach out by email to

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