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Tater Natter

They say, that in Vancouver, BC, Canada, people move so much … as it rains, and the quid pro quo is that one will move when it rains, weather forecast notwithstanding. Well, I should not complain, as I have completed almost five years in this place. And as one tends to vegetate, especially when one is rooted to a spot, so to speak, I may just have gotten potato eyes sprouting from somewhere. Except I have a tater once in a way, so perhaps that does mean that I may not have more than the requisite two eyes (which will enthuse my ophthalmologist and optometrist).

Let us not forget that Canadian personal #tax was due to be filed on April 30th (and remitted if required) by that day as well. However, I am still in e-filing mode. Please reach out for intense capital gains calculations (losses or gains, whatever they maybe), rental income, families, seniors, students, self-employed, personal tax preparation, and e-filing.

Please reach out for your professional bookkeeping, payroll, management consulting, capital gains, personal and corporate tax requirements to me for this is also what I do.



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