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Vanilla or ... Chocolate?

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When it’s triple witching hour, the last hour of trading on the NYSE on the third Friday of the last quarter, fortunes can be lost or made. Stocks could be assigned below market value and if you are a vanilla sort of person, you should not be intrepid if expiration price is below market price.

Gobble-dee-gook if you are not into options. However, if you can bandy some phrases like in the money, out of the money, near the money and ah! Yes! Those Greeks really have me stymied! You might be looked at with approval in the moneyed circles. Or not. For if you come in with the wrong Greek and the wrong value, you will be shunned.

Once you get into options, you do get to like them. Even though frustration does creep in when stock prices move in the direction opposite to what you had anticipated. The little bit of pin money that you thought you had made, could end up in a large loss. Not to be sneezed at, eh! However, as in all investments, there is an element of risk. It must be added that the risk element in options is greater than in holding shares, and infinitely greater than holding bonds or GIC's. However, by the same token, if you win, you could win big. If you lose ... and the probability of loss could vary between 40 - 60% depending on the nature of the option.

So, Chicago! It’s not just a movie that you saw a while ago. It’s not just the home town of the current President of the United States. It also hosts the CBOE at 400 LaSalle Street. Whether you visit the CBOE or not in person, check out their website and there will be some familiarity with terms, that the likes of Warren Buffett learned in his early days.

You might decide that art is a safer investment.

Please contact your investment adviser for recommendations. We are available to provide a second opinion and do investment analysis. We prepare extensive Capital Gain schedules (Schedule 3, T5018) for Canadian personal taxes.

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