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Dividend Growth Works

Accounting, GST, taxes, bookkeeping

While the $DOW and $TSX are closed for a long weekend, this is an opportune moment for us to evaluate our long-term and short-term financial priorities. TFSA or RRSP is the question in some minds as RRSP season is at its peak. If we have not enrolled in monthly RRSP investment that would enable us to obtain the benefit of dollar-cost averaging, now is the time to get in by a hoof.

With the volatility of the stock market pre-eminent in our radar, we should think of various hedging opportunities like commodities and precious metals, bonds and GIC’s. When you have age on your side, there is the ability to stomach a certain degree of risk. However, the older one gets, the higher should be risk aversion.

As always, to learn from the best: as Warren Buffett would do, always keep some cash on the sidelines for an investment opportunity, or as a hedge. For we cannot all invest in Berkshire Hathaway ($BRK.A or $BRK.B). In the meanwhile, a dividend growth investment in a registered portfolio works.

Please contact us for innovation consult, budget preparation, cash flow projection and management, preparation and discussion of customized financial statements. Please contact your investment adviser for recommendations. We are available to provide a second opinion and do investment analysis. We prepare extensive Capital Gain schedules (Schedule 3, T5018) for Canadian personal taxes.

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