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Is it May already?

Trusha Desai Innovation Management: bookkeeping, GST, small business

Something that millennial millionaire investors may not know about is the phenomenon called Sell in May and go away. For we do not know go away. Not per se as in the olden days of vanishing off the face of the earth for a week or more: incommunicado, out of bounds, no mail, no phones. And of course, before the advent of email.

Now, whether we are at a beach or at the cabin in the mountains, we are perennially in touch. God forbid if we do not instantly respond to that email that asks for a quote. For an auto-responder that we are on vacation does not work anymore. We must respond within twenty-four hours (if that is corporate policy) to any and all business email. And as we are anyway sitting with tablets and laptops and smartphones while we are purportedly on vacation, we might as well peek at our investment portfolio and see what it’s up to.

Did we lose 1% yesterday due to fluctuation in currency? Or was the market simply getting jittery due to employment numbers? Is GDP trending downward again? Will that require puts? Let that golf bag remain stationary for a bit while we attempt to make big money all over again.

So, we are not going away anywhere soon, whether in May or August, cruise or just a stayvacation. And as we are here, right where we always are, in touch through technology, let’s just buy some shares and cover them complacently with puts, that are our insurance, almost better than that travel insurance we bought at the airport.

Please contact your investment adviser for investment recommendations. We are available to provide a second opinion and investment analysis. We prepare extensive Capital Gain schedules (Schedule 3, T5018) for Canadian personal taxes.

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