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Puzzle Up Planning

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For every deed there is a reason, or so we think. Or so we may say. But we do not always do stuff after thinking through. We react, for though being proactive is a laudable skill, few of us can truly attain it.

Therefore, we look for credit when we are in an overdraft situation. We look for recommendations after we have been laid off. We seek solutions for domestic issues when conflict stares us in the face. We scan our address books to see if we can call a friend when we are about to lose a million. We obtain insurance quotes after an earthquake. We seek Band-Aid solutions for illnesses requiring organ transplants.

Snapping out of reactive mode and looking ahead, planning ahead, strategizing for the short and long-term are behaviors that can be learned. Just as we learn to walk past counters laden with donuts and cookies without making a single purchase, we can learn that every action we take has a reaction. Therefore, rather than doing a lights, camera, action! We think, even if it is for a split-second, whether what we are about to embark upon will take us in the direction we intend to go.

I specialize in budget preparation, budget-variance analysis, preparation and discussion of customized financial statements. I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor (Online and Desktop). I efile Canadian personal taxes. I am a small business coach.

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