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I am an accredited business of Better Business Bureau, and find that the pandemic has changed our perspective on how workplaces can improve the wellness of employees.

The following is a quote from Better Business Bureau:

“A 2021 Wellable Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report reveals that 88% of employers are investing more in mental health initiatives. The survey also enumerates other ways companies are investing in workplace wellness, whether that workplace is a home, an office or a retail store:

  • Telemedicine - 87% of employers

  • Stress management/resilience - 81% of employers

  • Meditation and mindfulness - 69% of employers”

I have meditated over the years. However, as I focus more on meditation and being mindful of mental health, I see that calmness is acquired. Slowly, but steadily. And this, in turn, leads to peace of mind. For padmasana in yoga is the key pose for meditation, and difficult though it is to keep straggling thoughts at bay, it is possible. This targeted energy on a mantra takes us out of a conundrum of apathy, dismay and sadness. This can lead to closure on matters that do not need further reflection.

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