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Startups Swim

Updated: Feb 20

Are you a startup? Have you been in business for less than five years? Have you recently hired employees? Did you sink your life’s savings in your business in order to purchase fixed assets or lease office space?

What do you do when a pandemic strikes? How do you forecast your quarterly revenue? What cash flow projections can you make? Small business is affected by the pandemic. However, startups are affected more drastically. For cash and people are the life of a business. They go together. It does not matter whether you manufacture a product, are a distributor, reseller or advertiser. It does not matter whether you are a professional or a courier franchisee. Everyone is affected. And we need to swim. We need to float. We need to go with the ebb and flow of the tide.

Please reach out for your professional bookkeeping, payroll, management consulting, capital gains, personal and corporate tax requirements to me

For this will end. And one day, we will wonder how we all did it together. At Trusha Desai Innovation Management Inc., we think outside the box. For strategic powerful solutions to everyday issues, contact us.

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