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Vancouver Sun Run-Walk

The virtual Vancouver Sun Run is done. Well, with the new format, we can do the virtual Sun Run when we like where we like however often we like, socially distanced and masked as we are.

It has served multiple purposes. It has enabled me to get out of my seclusion more frequently than I would have. It has caused me to be greener than I would have been. It has been a means for undertaking chores afoot. And I have tabulated my walks and calories expended and time spent. I now realize that if cherry blooms had not abounded during April 18 – 30, 2021 in Vancouver, BC, I might have walked faster, though 29.28 k in 360 minutes is a de-stressing endeavour. After decades of being enamoured by cherry blossoms and writing haiku, I have learned names of some cherry trees. I can now throw around akebono, pandora and kanzan with abandon. Matching the tree to the name is yet a challenge, and I do not believe that I will ever ace a Botany exam in Japanese.

And through it all, all Sun Runners have been mindful of their fundraising goals. I have been a dedicated BC Children’s Hospital Foundation fundraiser. And if this piece or petals impel you to donate on my fundraising page, I would be honoured.

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