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Work Wonders

History may observe an evolutionary trend in homo sapiens post 2020. We have become mask-wearers, social-distancers, hand sanitizer-users, OCD-disinfectors. Perhaps it will end one day. In the interim, however, this is who we have become. This concerns the physical and social aspects of our daily lives.

There is also the monetary aspect of unemployment. Instead of waiting for Indeed or Workopolis to find jobs for them, laid-off employees may go for self-employment. Whether it is a home-spun home-run mask-manufacturing business or a neighborly grocery delivery. We have seen different revenue streams surfacing. It is likely that these new avenues of revenue may survive. As will homo sapiens.

When you have a startup on the horizon, please do contact us - for we have gone through the startup phase and know what it's like.

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