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Yet another ism - Ageism

Updated: Feb 20

Ageism is prejudice and discrimination based on age that often results from myths and stereotypes that do not reflect the reality of aging and older individuals. It prevents people from recognizing the valuable contributions of older individuals and limits the choices and opportunities for older individuals to actively participate in society.

Ageism can be expressed through hiring practices when employers may have a bias or even consciously give preference to the hiring of younger workers. Some employers may believe that older workers are less productive, have an increased risk of workplace accident or illness, or are more resistant to changes. Ageism can also be felt in the workplace through preferential treatment of younger workers or ageist remarks. Older workers can also perpetrate ageism through self-denigration.

In 2008, 15% of older displaced workers indicated that their largest barrier to re‑employment was an "age barrier" (Statistics Canada, 2008). Moreover, in 2012, a national survey found that 20% of seniors aged 66 years and older experienced age discrimination from an employer (Revera, 2012). Research suggests it is harder for older women than older men to find jobs.”

The above is a quote from the Government of Canada’s website. It advises us that ageism is a fact. We also need to peruse and understand the scope of senior abuse and senior harassment. Financial abuse, including fraud, is targeted at seniors. Please reach out for your professional bookkeeping, payroll, management consulting, capital gains, personal and corporate tax requirements to me

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