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Cash Flows like a Brook

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As we are almost at the six-month mark of 2016, we can look at the past fifteen years of this millennium, and pause: did the hype of the year 2000 and all its resultant technological ramifications come to pass? Or did we just wing it, thanks to the like of Microsoft, Google and hundreds of thousands of computer programmers around the world?

Perhaps this is why we need to put pause on our worries for tomorrow. What we really need to do is plan, target, and achieve. It may not be necessary to achieve all that we targeted or planned, but it probably moves us from the stationary position. Once we have momentum, we can gain acceleration. Therefore, when the Federal Reserve’s Chair, Janet Yellen announces today that companies are making fewer investments while there is a lukewarm economic prognosis, interest rates will be held steady, we need to understand how a tepid economy will affect us directly.

How does that affect us on a micro-level? We might decide to sock away that mason jar of change into an interest-bearing savings account for year-end and religious festivities. Or we may decide to stash away that extra chunk of change in our chequing account into a savings account for tax liabilities. Or we may decide on (yet another) staycation this summer. Or else, we may simply do a reverse mortgage (if we are fortunate enough to hold real estate) or draw on that line of credit or carry our credit card balance to the max. This is when we realize that cash flow on a personal and business level is an extremely sticky phenomenon and we must siphon a few months’ cash requirements in a touch-me-not account.

In as brief a manner as possible, I would like to state that I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I have experience in porting various software to QuickBooks Online. I can obtain a wholesale rate for you, should you decide to switch. I am highly proficient at other software too. I specialize in year-end reconciliation, GST reporting and payroll. I can assist with your investment analysis, provide a second opinion on your investments. I do strategize innovatively so that your business can flourish. And yes, cash flow is my business. I specialize in cash flow management and forecasting.

I do hope that today’s blog will prompt you to peek at my website and we may strike a mutually symbiotic professional relationship.

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