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Emotional Investing

However logical, analytical and research-oriented we may be, there is always at least one stock in our portfolio to which we have formed an emotional attachment. It is like a first love, a first kiss, or may be just someone special. And so, that stock stays with us, whether it is heavyweight or under-performs.

Why are we emotional about our investments? I guess, if we buy art, we would only buy a Picasso (if we had the millions plus jingling in our pockets) if we liked it. If we bought a boat, we would only buy one if we “liked” her, the rudder and the speed in the sails. So, why are we not permitted an emotional attachment to our stock portfolio? Why must we be detached, cold-headed and hard-hearted when we sell a stock that we know will never recuperate? There is only response. We are hopeful. We are hopeful that that stock which has gone down in the doldrums will turn around. We are hopeful that we will sustain an eventual gain instead of the current dank dark unrealized loss that stares at us. This leaves us with two options. Either we don’t look at our portfolio (then we don’t need to focus on the red-inked unrealized losses) or we itch it like a mozzy bite that won’t go away.

In an attempt to provide you with a second informed opinion on your investments (I regret that I cannot be benign totally, I do charge a fee for this service), I would like to advise you that emotion is not bad. And logic may not be all good: we need to temper one with the other. I do extensive capital gains schedules for taxation purposes, I do boutique bookkeeping for small and medium sized businesses, professionals, charities and non-profits. I do serious year-end accounting, reconciliation and accrual. I prepare and netfile your GST reports. I also do payroll ~ for we all need a little chunk of change, don’t we? I am always available to efile your personal taxes (prior years included). Please visit my website for services that I provide.

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