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Democracy and Hockey

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Trump or Hillary, Hillary or Trump: do we know who will make it to the White House in November? There are pundits (political or not) who may have their theories. There are political aficionados (pundit or otherwise) who may deign to decide who it will be.

As a Canadian, why does it matter to me who the US President will be? As USA is Canada’s largest trading partner, the American economy does have remarkable repercussions on us. The Commander in Chief of the largest military undertaking does chart paths for the rest of us to watch with concern. Therefore, as a citizen of the world, it is of great interest to me who will decide where “the buck” should stop.

As an Obama fan, it might be a matter of necessity that a Democrat follow him in the White House. However, as a Canadian, and with the longest open border that separates us, it is essential that we welcome the new President. For that open border does not divide the two neighbors, it is a separation of sorts, that does not lead to divorce after a year. There is NAFTA with the three amigos, there are a host of trade agreements where USA and Canada go together. We play hockey, football, tennis and a slew of other sports together. The Stanley Cup, won by the Pittsburgh Penguins is now in Cole Harbour, NS: for we must remember that the US team that won the Cup has been captain’d by a Canadian.

And to return to November and our predictions of what may happen then. We have known, that the US economy (and the world economy as a result, thereof) takes some unpredictable twists and turns during the first hundred days of the new President’s office. We must necessarily observe the $DOW and $NASDAQ and our forecast of what policy changes will do to the global economy and stock markets. Perhaps a word will suffice: caution will carry the day.

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