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Resolutions' Bubble

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Three weeks into 2017, and 2016 is old hat. The bubbly is flat, the credit card bills are due. And as for New Year's resolutions? My monumental one to give up chocolate (O! Tom Hanks would've so hated that one) was broken on the fifth of January.

What happens in our personal lives also sometimes translates into business. When resolutions are broken, when budgets-variance analysis is negative, when cash flow croaks, what do we do?

As budgets can be revised (with approval, of course) during the year when the variance is excessively large, we should also revise our personal resolutions so that we do not live the rest of the year with a feeling of guilt. If I made a resolution, if that resolution was my personal goal, if I find that it will remain unachievable, should I not revise it?

Therefore, long-term planning which is split into short-term plans of six months must be renewed and revised, so that our business is rejuvenated. Sometimes the reason for revision is beyond our control. Sometimes, when we find that we did not achieve what we could have, we take a step back and revise our methodology of planning.

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