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Numbers Talk

Bookkeeper, Consultant, Tax

If you were to ask what bookkeeping, budgets, cash flow management and tax have in common, the bottom line is numbers. What the numbers say on a balance sheet, are not what they inform you on an income statement, though there is at least one number that can be correlated on both financial statements.

With a degree in Math (First Class Honors, I should mildly add), I look at numbers with a degree of detail and precision while the business owner, professional or charitable organization takes in a panoramic photograph. The key is for my detail to mesh with your big picture, so that they are user-friendly.

This is tax season and I do Canadian personal tax as well as GST and PST filing and reports. Bookkeeping is the backbone of a business and without ongoing accounting and bookkeeping and without monthly bank and credit card reconciliation, the business, professional or charity may not know where they stand financially.

I currently have a special for QuickBooks Online. As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I can port your accounting data from other software to QuickBooks Online where it is backed up. Bills and payments can have attachments for each transaction.

Therefore, please contact me for your bookkeeping, consulting, coaching and tax requirements.

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