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Blue Christmas

Christmas isn't the same without glitzy wrapping paper and bows, gingerbread houses, eggnog, and snowflakes. The holidays aren't the same without The Sound of Music and It’s A Wonderful World


And after exhausting all and more of the above, it is yet a blue Christmas. For after you’ve done Handel’s Messiah, you may find that what is wanting in life is Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas


Don’t forget: we are here in alert mode, waiting to grab your shoeboxes of 2023 filled with itsy little receipts. We can port them to little spreadsheets and tax documents and cloud accounting software if that is your choice. 


Do reach out:, after we’ve noshed on shortbread, we’ll handle all your taxing matters, and bookkeeping outflows, and we’ll listen to your outpourings of accounting issues, and resolve them expeditiously. 

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