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Accounting, GST, taxes, bookkeeping

In order to be polite ... as Canadians are, eh? We say that January 2016 has been "interesting". Record high snowfalls in Washington D.C. and New York. Record falls of the DOW. Not quite a recession. Not yet a recession. For what we have observed on the stock market over the past few months has been remarkable volatility. How that will translate onto the economy is the question: only the balance of the year will tell, soothsayers or not.

Business watches the stock market jitters and the economy with hawk's eyes. How will that affect strategic plans? What about budgets? How will that affect hiring? How will that nudge cash flow?

As we have been told time and again that volatility in the stock market is a result of emotional investing among other concerns, as business owners we needs must hold our breath before we exhale. There are macro issues such as federal stimuli and bond yields. How does that affect the recipient of the micro loan in some corner of the world? If we are all tightly knit together globally in the twenty first century as we never have been before, why is it that locally grown berries are exported before some in the 'hood get a pound? And why does that trade balance (negative or otherwise) affect whether we can buy a cup of coffee or not?

I am determined to eat healthy, but I have a monthly produce budget which appears to vary negatively. So, I am determined to work diligently and sincerely in order to expand my clientele and provide a professional service that helps my accounting and management consulting clients. This is not a volatile affirmation.

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We've finished ringing it in. We've finished all the bubbly ~ if that is what we do. And bright and early on Monday morning, crash!

Wet and shiny behind the ears, we were not prepared for this. Is this a downward turn that accelerates into a downward spiral that crashlands as in an elevator that is out of control? Or is this just a large quantum of emotional investing that starts in the east and spreads its tentacles across the Pacific?

Accounting, GST, taxes, bookkeeping

Time will tell. In the meanwhile, we either do yoga, meditate, breathe in and out, or crash at the gym. For watching the DOW meander on its own merry path today will not help our pulse rate.

And tomorrow IS another day: we'll check it out then, as shares inch upwards again.

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Accounting, GST, taxes, bookkeeping

Isn’t auto-fill an awesome tool? We don’t need to enter our credit card number or address. As soon as we start with our first name, everything is entered, kerplunk!

When do we look up our credit rating? When we apply for a car or personal or business loan, a line of credit, a mortgage, or credit card. Or (woe betide!) when the bank calls us with an ominous message that our credit card is hopelessly overdrawn and there are charges that we cannot identify … yes, Happy Holidays!

When the lending division of our bank gets personal, very personal, and looks minutely at our tax returns for the last two years, profit and loss statements and bank statements. When we wish that we could hide under the chair ~ not be the chair, if that’s what we are.

Therefore, before marching up to the bank for an inquiry into a not-so-murky past, make sure that we actually need that investigation. For any credit check will bring those points down: something we may not always be told the first time around, unless we ask. Those numbers, like our haemoglobin count or IQ should be higher than the norm for us to pull in an unsecured credit card. If they are low, we might need to take a pinch of good old-fashioned sodium chloride (sea salt will work) or ensure that our dizziness is not caused by mere hypotension.

Once we have acquired the goods, make sure that we maintain the credit rating by making minimum if not full payments on time. If we get into the swing of switching balances from one credit to another, our finances may not be where they should be at. If we pay minimum balance on a large outstanding balance that may bring our points down: for our debt ratio is high. If there is a possibility of a default, for whatever reason, re-negotiate terms of payment with the lender.

Little niggly details that must be checked out before the holiday season is over: so that we can ring in a successful and financially fortuitous 2016. To get the financial house in order, do give me a call (before you down that pesky martini).

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